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How to be a TOP Rated LOGO Designer in Fiverr


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I think Logo Designing category is the most competitive and demanded category in Fiverr. Because people know they never get a nice logo for $5 from anywhere in the world. With increasing of this demands for the Logo Category, sellers’ attention also increased.
Therefore, it has very difficult to be a top rated seller in logo category.

But you can be a Top Rated Logo Designer in Fiver, if you can follow the way I used.

1. Learn to work with a designing software

First you have to build your skill. So please be away from free logo makers (free template template editors). Try to learn a good design software like Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, etc. Google and Youtube will help you to learn everything. I will recommend you Adobe Illustrator because I am using it.

2. Create a unique gig

Don’t follow other’s gigs (I mean don’t copy). Always try to give a unique gig. There are enough gigs like I will do logo, I will create 3D logo, I will design a logo in 24 hours, etc. Try to target a specific area from your gig. Such as, I will design a logo for your wedding, I will design a logo for your pet, etc.

Optimize first 3 images with your own logos. First image is the most important. There is a more than 50% potential to click on your gig because an eye catching image. So please try to use a high quality eye catching logo image.

Create a unique description, Don’t hide anything, clearly communicate the things you are giving with your gig.

3. Increase your sales

Top rated sellers are selecting by Fiverr team. So the amount of sales for your gig is main criteria when they are selecting TOP rated sellers.

Share your gig on social media
You are lucky if your gig is showing in recommended page. If not, you have to make some traffic to your gig. I think sharing your gig in social media is the best way. As we know Facebook is the most popular today. So you can share you gig in Facebook groups.

4. Maintain the quality of your gig

This is another important thing if you are thinking about to being a Top Rated seller. Because Fiverr team expecting a quality service from a Top Rated seller. So keep this in mind from very first day you create your gig.

Give a unique design to your buyer
As a company, business or website owner, they are expecting a logo that is not using any other. You have to take this responsibility. So don’t do a copy paste job or don’t use logo templates.

Give a high quality design
Your earning will be $5 or more. But don’t deliver a cheap design. If you are expecting to go a long journey, give a high quality output to your buyer. Use new design trend, use smart colors and fonts. Use colors to relevant their business. Be neat.

5. Always try to get 5 star

Maintaining your gig rating is another important point. If you get a single 4.5 star rating, your profile rating will show as 99%. Therefore we always need to get 5 star rating with good review or recommendation form buyers. Actually this is the most difficult thing. But you can follow below steps to get a 5 star. You just need to satisfy your customer.

Give a quality logo design
As discuss under the point 4.

Do the job in time
Try to deliver your design before the turnaround time. Some time sellers keeping some buffer time period (By experience) for safe side. As an example if your turnaround time is 5 days try to do within 2 days. I know some orders can complete within few hours. So why we missed 5 star.

Quick Respond to your messages
Always try to be online. Use the smart phone app (Apple/Android) to get message and notification real time. Let him/her feel you are always willing to help.

Add some extra
If you can give something extra not in your gig description, there will be a potential to 5 star with great review. As an example, you design a logo and deliver in transparent format for $5. But if you can add editable source file also as extra for the same price, buyer will happy.

6. Comply with Fiver Terms of Service

This is the most important thing. Always you have to follow Fiver TOS. Such as, Don’t share contact information with buyers, Don’t spam, Don’t cop gigs, be polite, etc. Then Fiverr team will happy with you.

These are the secrets of my Top Rated journey in Fiverr as a Logo designer. As I mentioned above Promotion to Top Rated Seller (TRS) status is a manual selection process performed by the Fiverr Editorial team, based on a number of criteria. So you have to be a professional seller (not only seller) to reach Top Rated. In addition, you have to maintain above everything after becoming TOP Rated. Otherwise, they will remove your status.

Sorry for the simple English!

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Hey! I’m send daily buyer request but I’m not getting order. I think my proposal are which I send to buyer this is my proposal.

I hope everything is going great…
I am professional graphic designer with almost 3 years experience with 99% rating.and I have read this request of yours very carefully …so I am illegible for this work, I will deliver you your order within 24 hour and I will assist you until you are satisfied …
just inbox me With more details that we can start work …

check it out my portfolio:
If my proposal are not right then please can you give any example of proposal because my English is so weak.


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Here you go:

I hope you’re doing good…
I am a professional graphic designer with 3 years of experience in design. Rated a full 5-stars by many happy customers! And now I’d like to help you as well.
I’ve understood your request and I’m confident that I can create that perfect design for you. I will deliver you your order within 24 hour and I will assist you until you are satisfied.
Just inbox me, and we can get started…
Please do check out my portfolio:

I replaced 99% with a 5-star rating because 99% doesn’t look great.
Best of luck

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