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Sellers on buyer's request page promoting their gig, Good Or Bad?

Guest mikesmithg

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Guest mikesmithg

I have been a seller and a buyer in fiverr since 2010! - It has been such a great experience that I asked my dad who is a great graphic designer to join Fiverr! Now he is part of a great society!
He is 65, but i guess it will be a great experience for him too. A month ago i spent a huge amount of time teaching him what to do and how to search for potential requests for logo designing!
But every time he wants to look into buyer’s request what he mostly see is seller’s just like him promoting their gig!
and now i am facing the same issue too! Not only seller’s promote their gig, it is finny how they mention “please send offer if you are a buyer”?? — I am a seller and i can do the same thing, but i am not sure this is the best way promoting your gig, it is wrong!

Would like to know what other’s think in Fiverr’s community. Thanks!

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