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Use a follow up message or "checking in" quick response when biz is slow!


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As soon as the quick response feature was added we KNEW right away it could be a great feature to use to help drum up new business and clients when gig orders were slow coming in. We created a simple response politely saying we are just checking in to see if they are still interested in services and it is amazing at how something so simple can help bring in those needed sales. We answer emails as fast as we can and fortunate for us we can barely keep up with all the messages as I am sure many of you do too. Its tough finding time on top of work time to message and email so much to so many. But once every now and then we make some time, usually at night for me after the little one is down, and I will try to go 30-45 days back and start going into each email and if the conversation was left off for whatever reason, client had to think about script or what extras they wanted but time has gone by or custom offer was never accepted yet, we will send the auto response for “checking in”. We will do this for as many emails as need be and the process is obviously very quick because you aren’t having to type out long follow up messages tailored to each specific client and their request. Just a simple checking in. I would say more than half will always reply. Its an easy way to remind them as we all have busy lives and whats out of sight is out of mind. Try it out. A simple polite auto response can easily help bring in some $$ when traffic is slow.

(side note) I usually will send the “checking in” response 2 times max with a week to two week time span between each response. After that I assume client found another seller or is no longer interested and delete the email. Its a good practice to NOT harass the potential client. 😉
Good luck and Fiverr on!

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