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Any Suggestions For My Songwriting Gig?


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Hey , My Name Is Deaven Miller This is my first month on Fiverr. I’ve made 9 sales so far , 4 Of which came from this very Gig! I have 5 & 1/2 Years Experience as a Songwriter (Writing Lyrics) I’ve taken courses online and In person on Songwriting & composing. I’ve Written Over 200+ Songs , received 2 Awards for my skills and much more achievements! Enough about me lets discuss my Gig.

I’ve made 4 sales as previously mentioned on this Gig , But since haven’t made any! 2k impressions on my Gig and only 4 converted to sales! What am I doing wrong?

When you search Songwriters / Songwriting My Gig is on the first page like 6 Down. I wanted to know : If I change my Gig name , Description , Video or images will I lose my ranking (Spot on first page Search results)?

What can I do to Improve my Gig , to get more Sales? And Improve my Conversion rate?

Here is my Gig :

If that doesn’t work its the Songwriter Gig on My Profile : www.Fiverr.com/deavenmiller1

All Feedback is welcomed , Thank you in advance for helping me!

  • Deaven Miller
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Hey deavenmiller1,

I noticed that your video had a lot of ‘me’s’ and ‘I’s’ and as the buyer I kind of tuned that out and waited for you to tell me what you could do for me. I would suggest creating a new video that starts with the you (the buyer and what their struggling with and what kind of help they need) and then going into a bit about yourself. It also felt like you were trying to tell me a lot and not really connecting with the buyer. I would suggest start with the you, slow down and talk like you’re having a normal conversation, and only mention the most important stuff about yourself.

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Awesome tips , I am use to speaking Very fast From doing Vines and Youtube Videos so I will have to slow down lol! That is very good advice , I will take this into consideration and remake my video! Thank you for your amazing tips and Feedback , I really appreciate it!

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