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PLEASE HELP: Seller doesn\'t like how i delivered order but was as described


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I have a seller wanting to cancel because he says i didn’t provide him with what he wanted in the way he wanted it. But i fulfilled the order as i described in my gig.

I test apps and my gig description is as follows Feedback includes- Detailed overall performance!
Any issues or bugs encountered!
Areas where the app could be improved!

I gave the buyer pros and cons of the app
noted some performance issues and bugs
gave him areas to improve the app

He said i needed to provide test results and screenshots but i never mentioned that on the gig page this is just a simple review of the app as an everyday user would see it not a big review from how another app developer would see it.

My question is how can i avoid him cancelling and not getting paid since i provided exactly what i said i was going to.

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You could take this to Customer Support, but you’re not even including the actual gig copy, which is a bit misleading. To wit, here’s what you description actually says at the time of this comment:


I would report this to Customer Service if you have delivered what you said you have (and it’s all clearly signposted within your delivery under headings or some other obvious flag that corresponds to what you offer). However, you need to make it clear that you do NOT offer test results or screenshots.

Additionally, while you say its a review from the POV of an everyday user, that’s not explicitly clear in itself.

My recommendation is to make your description way more clear and with this guy, you’ve got 3 choices:

a) refuse to do anything and insist that everything was clear (do you like bad reviews? This is how you get bad reviews)
b) contact Customer Support–but with this argument you won’t get further than a “please talk it thru with your buyer” template, which leads to my preferred option,
c) make the screenshots of test reviews etc and redeliver, then make your gig more clear.

Guys, we should all use Photobucket in our replies! It’s clean, it integrates wonderfully and you can dump it anywhere in the post! </photobucket shilling>

EDIT: I realize there’s a contradiction in my CS advice, but think about it like a CS agent. Obviously as general users, we can’t see the delivery and relate it to the actual description, so it’s a case of offering two sides of the coin based on er… half the coin or something. Also, I can’t be assed to edit so this is my justification.

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If your gig was written very clearly AND you had tons of great reviews already, I’d say you should tell the buyer you delivered what you promised and leave it at that.

Your biggest problem is that if Customer Support doesn’t side with you, you only have 3 reviews so far and one of those is only 4 stars. If this buyer gives you a 1 star review and it sticks (isn’t removed) that will drive your ratings down by quite a lot. Personally I wouldn’t risk it this early in your Fiverr career. I would either re-deliver or offer a refund before the buyer has a chance to review you. This is only personal opinion, though.

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