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Buyers not reviewing your gig after sales? read this


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I am going to be brief about this:

As a seller you need reviews, its very important so as a new seller do not miss this tip!

When you are delivering a gig, do not forget to inform or remind the buyer to leave a review…

Its as simple as saying "Please do not forget to review this order, thanks 🙂 "

You should try and do this from day one you start selling,… if you having lots of customers not leaving a review…its not good.

If this tip is not working for you, then know that you are not doing a good job on your gig. and that your service needs improvement. You have to better the service you are offering to increase the satisfaction of your Buyers.

Bear in mind that the most important thing is that you ensure your Buyers are very satisfied and pleased with your service delivered…

I hope this help sellers especially newbies. 🙂

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I agree with part of your tips but not all. This is only opinion, though, your post is good.

One thing I mildly disagree with is that asking for reviews is always best. A buyer that finds your delivery not to her taste might not review at all, but if poked might leave a lower one.

The thing I feel more strongly is regarding meaning. If you ask for reviews and it doesn’t work out well you wrote that it means “you are not doing a good job on your gig. and that your service is poor.”

I find that up to half of sales don’t result in any review, but it often just means the buyer is in a hurry. What really tells you about your gig or service is receiving several reviews that are 3 stars or less. Frequent refund requests can also mean you need improvement.
Otherwise I get what you mean. Reviews are important, especially for newbies! Thanks for the post.

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You have a very small number!! For me Review’s matter a lot but i haven’t ever asked a Buyer to leave a review. Everyone knows how to Use the internet so if they want to leave a review they will Definitely leave a good One with some details other wise if we will ask them then for me they might feel like we are forcing them to do so My tip is never ask a buyer for a Review either you are new or old. Provide him some quality stuff and he will leave the review on his own!

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