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Share your tips for being time efficient carrying out an order


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I know it differs for each category but I think it might help across the board. Any productivity improvement tools you recommend? What have you learned from experience? I was very efficient outside of fiverr but on here I haven’t had enough orders to perfect a system so I am wondering if you top sellers have some tips?

Thanks for sharing

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Hey Sme,

It’s an interesting question. I will write up some tips I’ve come up with through dealing with quite a few various types of buyers.

#1 BE NICE - Patrick Swayze wasn’t wrong. A customer will put up with a lot of mistakes and late orders if you treat them professionally. Being nice can save you a lot of trouble! I look at it like a safety net in case I get sick or something unforeseeable happens. Even bad customers (rude or otherwise), it often saves me from a potential negative review. Believe it or not, people don’t want to give a person that’s just been nice and pleasant to them a bad review.
#2 If you need more time in an order, submit to the buyer a $5 time extension in the form of an extra. As long as you’ve been personable and nice, they usually don’t mind.
#3 Don’t do work for ambiguous buyers! If they don’t provide ample info and you feel shaky about it, don’t waste your time. Either wait for them to add info, or cancel the order.
#4 Reassure your buyers. Let them know they are not forgotten. This keeps a good rapport when work isn’t being sent in regularly.
#5 Buyers respect your expertise. Something I recently learned is that a buyer will take heed of your advice. Sometimes buyers will add superfluous things to their order - things that are not needed and take away from their end product. It is your job as an expert to tell them kindly that it would work better without that element. This saves you a lot of time and trouble, and they will respect you for it. Not to mention it shows them that you care enough to advise them on their project.
#6 Don’t overthink it. No matter what your gig is, the best thing to do is to keep perspective. It’s easy to get bogged down with details of making something good. Instead, pull out a lot of ‘cheap tricks’ to make something look shiny and nice. I know it sounds cheap, but it works, saves time, and the buyer still loves it. Believe it or not, the standards aren’t super high on Fiverr. I don’t know about other areas, but look around on some high rated illustration gigs.

If I have any more, I’ll surely add them. I hope these help out. 🙂

Your friendly artist,

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Hey GlitchF,

I really appreciate the input! I actually hadn’t thought about how important being personable to customers can help in such cases. I fel that I am naturally a nice person so it won’t be going too much against my nature but now I will always be cognizant of it

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I give multiple revisions to my buyers before delivering my orders so that they can ask for as many changings as they want. This may take time but my clients really love it.
(Btw,you can edit your comment as well,I saw instead of editing the previous comment,you gave the next one) I hope this helps.

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