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How gigs get on the main pages

Guest matt_garry

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Guest matt_garry

I have done as much research as I could on the subject and I have a lot of assumptions on how this all works.

  1. Sales! if you find you’re own business, with out Fiverrs help they will start finding you work and keep you higher in the search and main pages

  2. feed back is a huge part of this the more people who like it the more Fiverr likes it

  3. If you are unique meaning if you have something that is good quality and new. Good chance you could be on the first page without any sales because Fiverr loves different (and crazy)

  4. gig collections can also help you stay higher in the search keywords and main pages

  5. cancellations can hurt you bad even mutual cancellations can make you loose a level if you are less than 80% chances are fiverr will pick a gig that is similar to you’res with a much better rating to show higher.

  6. a cool video good quality, crazy, colorful, professional is what fiver cares about the most because its free advertising. Why make an expensive commercial to win the buyers over when you can just have link that says we will design a logo for you. And then direct to you’re gig video it’s a free spokesman!!

  7. Fiverr staff is not just bots it real people who have a fun job and they take advantage of this sometimes it is just completely random. It could be on the main page because one of the staff thinks its cool. Or someone could contact customer service and ask if their gigs deserves to be featured and if cs likes it they will.

    well that was my opinion :D:D

    take care,

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