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I think I'm off to a rocky start?


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Hi guys,

So I’m pretty sure I got off to a very rocky start here on Fiverr. There seems to be some kind of communication issue between myself and the buyer. And if it’s on me, I’d like to know so I can change it. I’d like to get opinions so that I know what to fix.

Here’s a few issues I’ve run into:

  1. When a buyer purchases a gig but hasn’t given me all the information I need, I’ll message them with any questions but sometimes they won’t get back to me until after the due date is up, causing my “on time” percentage to go down.

  2. What type of information do you request or questions do you ask a buyer when they are about to purchase a blog? I feel that they are just not giving me all the information and so I write a blog for them thinking that I did get all of the information, send it over and they tell me that’s not what they wanted at all. So my response is, it looks like I will have to rewrite completely so you will have to pay $5 for a revision. They are unwilling, so they pay for what they got and then leave me a bad review.

  3. In-depth research. How in-depth are we talking? I’m thinking that if I have to pull information from a couple of different sites, re-word it and format it to make the perfect article, that’s means for a charge of in-depth research. It will take me about an hour to complete. I’m a pretty smart girl, I type 72 wpm, so I’m thinking that I’m charging the perfect price. The buyers don’t seem to see it that way. They really don’t want to pay for research. Unless I’m thinking that that’s research and it’s not? I’m assuming that $5 basically gets you a 500 word mostly just opinion based blog.

Please help! Thank you!

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What I know is, we have a lot of buyers on Fiverr. Some will really give you hell of problem, while others are nice. What I think of you can do is to update your gig description. Tell buyers to specifically provide all the keywords and, if possible, blog post title so as to avoid confusion.

About the price, I must say you really have to work a little hard at least, for a new seller. Once you are up there on level 2,you can then start making money. I hope this helps

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Well to let you know, you will see that every day for rest of your working days 😕

I have properly set requirements page, but even with that 2 of 3 customers never send all information I need, they send wrong information or just access is bad.
I used to it, and I know that I lose at least 16 hours of my 24 hours gig…

Best is to require buyer to contact you first. I do that, and 60% actually do that, so I can ask them what they actually need and so on.

Also explain as much you can in gig description. Use all allowed space, it is there for reason.
Explain what you offer in basic gig, and explain extras as much possible (this space is limited unfortunately)

Keep the regular buyers, I have many regular buyer that after so much order they know how much I will charge for something and what I will need. they are the best. They order, I do and that is it.

Regarding on-time. when there is one hour left adn buyer did not send proper information you need. Deliver that gig with text “Please click on request modification and send me information I need so I can start. thank you.” - I do this all the time and it works 🙂
-When they click request modification you will get new 24 hours 🙂

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500 words for $5. And I also included a free revision since I’m new, figured it would be a good way to get some quick customers.

Yes, the rest are set up as extras. Before I started, I checked out other sellers to see what some of the common extras were and the average price of them were and went by that for my extras and pricing.

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It is all about communication and this piece I wrote gives you practical steps to follow. Follow the steps in this post and you will find that you do not have the issues you are having any more.
favicon.icoFiverr Forum http://forum.fiverr.com//images/default-apple-touch-icon.png

How I Completed 50 Orders, Made Over $500 and $200 (4 orders) Pending in 6 Weeks

First off, I know this is not the MOST successful a Fiverr seller has ever been but I think its a reasonable return, particularly as it has been my FIRST 6 weeks as a seller. (I started in mid September, had to stop for the first 3 weeks in October...

Reading time: 2 mins ? Likes: 14 ❤

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Hello! Welcome to Fiverr, first off!

  1. Usually in this case, I will send a cancellation request to them and let them know that they need to give more info, and to start a new order as this order’s time has run out. I haven’t found a better way to deal with this type of customer. Usually I never hear from them again and it auto-cancels. Trust me when I say you are better off without this type of buyer. Getting info should NOT be like pulling teeth!

  2. I ask for a description of what their needs and expectations are. It also helps to explain on your gig what precisely you offer. If they ask for more than what you offer, that would be their problem. Of course, you’d ideally like to avoid any strife with customers, so the best option is to get the info up front of what they expect.

  3. Provide side services where you will do more research for additional payment, otherwise you do very surface, quick research for your basic gig. Market it as though the more they pay, the better and more researched the paper will be written.

Your friendly artist,

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Hope you are doing better now - I thought I had this set to notify when I got a response but it didn’t work - so I hadn’t seen your reply until now.

I would suggest asking,
“Do you have an outline, or am I free to take this any direction…”

“Is there any specific research you’d like me to include / links?”

“Do you have a specific format (question / answer for example) that you would like me to follow?”

Review their previous posts quickly and ask if they would like it to be similar to any previous posts.

Require the URL of the blog in your directions in the order.

Ask if there are other blogs out there that they admire if they are just starting and don’t have much.

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Hi PaintThatThing,

That’s too bad about the bad reviews and complaints.

The only suggestion I have (Which is working well for me)
Is to charge more.

I started on Fiverr 37 days ago and I’ve done pretty well.

My main Gig averages $50 per sale.
My $5 Gigs are instant deliverables. (I always include a free unannounced bonus pdf)

This has resulted in 2 things.

1-High Reviews
2-Better Quality of Customer.

It’s proven that people who pay a higher price tend to be less picky and appreciate time / value better.

My main gig requires hands on actual work, just like your gig. And I couldn’t and wouldn’t do it for $5. ($4 after the cut to Fiverr).

Just something to think about.

Good luck.


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Fiverr will let you set up an instruction sheet, that you can refer potential buyers to, in order to get them to define their project more clearly. You might want to generate a questionnaire that they could fill out to specify what they expect.

For me, it’s all about customer service. When you’re dealing with the public, I agree with resumeexpert01. Some people are a joy, and some are really a pain. Do your best to help them clarify what they need, set your boundaries on how much research you’ll do, and you’ll gradually find the customers who like what you do and how you do it.

Other than that, stick with it! My first couple of months felt really hit or miss. I got a couple of great jobs, then nothing for several weeks at a time. Patience, it just took patience!

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How clear are your order expectations in your gig description.

If you set very clear expectations in your description, chances are you can cut down on quite a bit of the confusion you are experiencing.

Also make sure that you are giving yourself plenty of time to deliver your order. According to fiverr a late delivery can result in 10% less buyer activity.

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