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A buyer bought from me & sold to others.And also copied my gig example video


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One month ago I sold a whiteboard animation video to one buyer called “*******”…
I always check others whiteboard animation gig to have an idea & improve my work quality…
Two night before I was doing the same…I saw a gig of " Whiteboardproduction"…In his gig videos I found a video which Is very much known to me…Within a minuet I realized It was that video which I made for " ******* "…Same to same…
I was shocked…
I asked Whiteboard production & his buyer also…I just wanted to know how it could be 100% same…
Whiteboard production reliped me saying he copied this video from my gig…( I will send every screenshot of our conversation)…I said why?He just said sorry…Then I checked my gig,that video was not available there…
I asked him…He said some blah blah…After some time later he was bound to tell me the whole truth because I threaten him saying I would raise copyright issue…
He said , ***** & Whiteboard production are same account…He took order from buyer in Whiteboard production gig with higher price.And he was done the job by other level 2 or top rated seller using ***** account.
At that time I had a order with ***** in my queue & I already send the video…
He said sorry,He was doing it for pocket money blah blah…

Okay I thought I should forgave him & give him a chance…Next morning he texted me saying " Please do a modification for thelast video as my buyer asked me & I couldn’t do it"

I was stunned…How shameless he is!!! He used my video Selling to others saying it was made by him…And after that he asked me do the modification…

I Just shocked…I don’t know what should tell him…

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Uploaded a file is not working…Can I inbox you,please?

Admin Note: Please do not inbox other forum users for personal support. Uploading screenshots showing other usernames would break forum rules as well. Upload your screenshots to Customer Support.

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I think Emmaki means contact customer support and show THEM screenshots of your work and conversation.

Also, maybe add to your current gig descriptions that your work is not for resale or for use as a Fiverr promotional video.

I understand how you feel about this. A lot of people resell Fiverr gigs outside of the platform and since starting offering video gigs myself I’ve realized that competition and buyers are a lot more ruthless here than in other categories I work in. My hope is that if you can show customer service that this person has basically copied your gig, they will be banned.

Best of luck!

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The thing is, though, if you sold him the video, it becomes his. According to Fiverr’s terms, he owns the copyright to whatever you deliver. In fact, you even say in your gig, “Everything will be ROYALTY FREE”. By that statement, you are guaranteeing that he has permission to use the video you deliver in any way that he wants.

You can’t complain if he chooses to use HIS video to help build his business here on Fiverr. Once you delivered that video, you no longer own the copyrights to it.

Please be mindful of Fiverr’s terms of service.

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@hemal27: You were given the information that you are not allowed to post usernames on the forum and the usernames were removed to allow you to air your concerns. You proceeded to post a duplicate thread and put the usernames back on the forum. This is disallowed and outright rude. You can be banned from the forums for this type of activity. Please consider that during your time-out.

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