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Whats wrong with es.fiverr.com ?!?


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I am from south america and i have been experiencing a drop in sales in the last weeks, and i have seen the same from the top sellers in my category, showing low order numbers (1-3), and i think that whats behind it its the fact that es.fiverr.com it isnt redirecting to the spanish fiverr page (which show spanish gigs).

If i go directly to es.fiverr.com (before this, it would always redirect me to it from fiverr.com) it takes me to the english site, showing english based gigs, and yes, i can change that at the bottom of the page but most users wont do that.

If i got to my category, i cant even find my gig (or anyone who does it in spanish), unless i change language on the bottom of the site. This must be fixed quick, is driving our sales down and making new potential customers say “oh, but theres no spanish service”, which could be hard to convinve to try again when its fixed.

I hope anyone can give me and insight about this.

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