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Cancelling gigs and buyer freebies: like drugs, just say no


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I am struggling to find new clients on the Buyer Requests page(unfortunately full of spammers and other sellers that promote their gigs). My gig is at the beginning so most likely on the n-th page of search results on Fiverr. I make the custom offers specific and since I am a “beginner” in terms of sales and the buyer requests page is not abundent of clients, I try to keep a much too low price. I had a client which from second one seemed a spammer or a difficult one. I specified one concept + 3 revisions, I reconfirmed the details of the order with her so everything is clear from the beginning. I deliver and she comes back changing the requirements and demanding for a new concept cause this is “totally off track”. Since this is a 7 $ gig 😦 , I told her this is a new concept and the offer includes only one. She started threatening me with giving me back no money and negative review. I over-delivered, offered her a free extra-gig and still she cancelled the gig, leaving me with no money. I declined and got to customer support, who gave me a TOS warning.

Is there no way to eliminate the spammers or bad buyers? I suggest one (and Fiverr will still have to gain from it). If a client is not satisfied this can be completely subjective on the design jobs, so if I work and deliver and over-deliver, wouldn’t it be fair for me to receive at least half the amount of it? In that way buyers will have to choose a more serious attitude towards acting as if a 7 dollar gig means changing the requirements how you wish. If I communicate with the client and he confirms, and afterwards says a requirement meant a completely different thing which means a new concept, isn’t it a communication problem from the buyer? shouldn’t her be sanctioned? isn’t it enough that I do not receive any money and she gets my free logo, I also get a TOS warning? Why?

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