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I may be LACKING somewhere


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I have been getting sales but then for few days they have stopped. All sales I got were from buyers requests.
I’m not worried about it as I think 2 or 3 days without order for newbie is common but I think my gig needs to be improved.
Even I get clicks and views , I still won’t get any order directly.
If any of you can point out my mistakes I will highly thankful.


My gig : https://www.fiverr.com/jd_fit/lose-weight-without-dieting

  • I actually changed my title so It shows the first title in the link.
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I think your best bet may be to run a few Youtube motivational video ads linking back to your service, but to more specifically explain what you do. Other social media outlets can help as well as contacting pages for guest blogging and other opportunities such as press releases to get the word out about your gig. Just some thoughts, I don’t really deal in that market. Other things to note is that you can try changing around keywords, asking buyers how they’re finding you in the first place and what makes them order to get a better idea how to focus your gig better.

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