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LATE! ( Buyers who constantly press ( need modifcaitons) RUINS your ACCOUNT


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Buyers who constantly press ( need modification) Just hurting your account .
Our gigs are transparent and informative
Our gig extras are transparent and informative,
Buyers who overuse the need modifications once the gig is delivered will RUIN your account and RUIN your account metrics and make you see like a bad seller.

Heres why:
95% of the time this is because a buyer had a change of heart, a new idea or wanted to add something that is not part of the standard gig and try to weasel their way in. ( Keep in mind, if you have informative gigs, you are delivering strictly whats in the gig, anything beyond that falls in gig extras or other) Buyers refuse to understand that and will keep on pressing request modification until you give in. Now you are giving gigs for free when you can be catering to other clients who paid for gig extras and not be cheated.

If you deliver a gig on time and the buyer requests a “MODIFICATION” in the middle of the night ( as happened to me one to many times. ) while you are sleeping and you wake up early morning to cater to your well maintained account. Your gig is now ( LATE ) because you did not cater to the request at 2 in the morning and you woke up at 8. Your account health is being damaged and your account metrics is hurting.

Fiverr, this should be removed. This is such an old feature since the start of fiverr back in 2010, because there wasnt the option for Gig extras or custom offerings.

This is ridiculous.

This effects our sellers metrics as sellers.
It says we do not deliver on time when we do and just creates a bad reputation for us.
We need to take action. I would like to hear what Fiverr’s response is to this
This is a feature that Fiverr started with before they had Gig extra’s.

Fiverr should remove this button as users/buyers will take advantage of sellers because of this feature.
Wake up people.

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Yeah, but it doesn’t affect your delivery rating. Don’t scaremonger. The only thing that affects it is your initial delivery lateness. Possibly if you wait like 3 days to modify you run into some issues, but I always redeliver within 24 hours and it’s never concerned me.

If anyone tries to take advantage of you, treat them professionally and contact Customer Support. This includes scope creep thru mods.

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You are wrong, that doesn’t effect your on time delivery percentage nor rating, only the initial delivery does!

Fiverr doesn’t include these modified deliveries (even the late ones) in the metrics just because of the situations like yours. Some buyers may request modification for days and days and many times before they accept the final delivery.

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I don’t know about other sellers, but I specifically tell my buyers to request a modification if they have any questions or concerns about an active order. When they request a modification, it bumps back into the order queue and is super easy to remember. I used to play the game of telling people to update the order, or to send me a message, but I found that created more problems than it solved. Believe it or not, the “request modification” button is your friend as a buyer and as a seller. It keeps things easy.

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