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Suggestion to Fiverr Based on my Experiences


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Hi Respected Fiverr Team,

Attached here is a suggestion which i have presented based on my experiences with Fiverr. Actually i have pointed out toward a big shortcoming which i have found based on my experiences and the suggestion that came in mind to resolve this shortcoming.

Thank you.


Hi Respected Fiverr Team,
I have found the following shortcoming in your site http://fiverr.com based on my experiences as a seller.

  1. Buyers are given so Much Power
    Buyer has the power to send an order to a seller without any prior discussion and detailed information with seller about the required services.
    What’s the worst case with this power?
    One of my friends told me that a buyer was sent him an order and the time tickling was started, but he was not even informed about what the buyer actually want? He was just given the title in the brief section “Design a Shopify Theme” and the budged was set to $5. After doing some discussion with buyer about his project, it was found that the project was not of the cost $5, but it was the work of about $50. So when it is requested to set the budged value to $50, the buyer denied. After that the seller (my friend) requested him for mutual cancellation of the order. Then what happened?
    “The buyer canceled the order but with a big penalty to seller by giving the possible lesser amount of stars and putting very rude and negative reviews” which largely degraded the seller’s profile.

Please take back this power from the buyers.
How to Take?
In case, if a buyer sends his order without any prior discussion and detailed information with seller about his required services, then in this case seller should have the power to decline this order if he is not agreed and the buyer’s must not have the power to give feedback in this case.
I will keep it up in the future if there comes in good suggestion in my mind for the improvement of your services.

Thank you.
Best Regards
Imam ud din (A sincere seller on fiverr http://fiverr.com/imimam )

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