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Gig editing/creating bugs


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If I have 3 images in my gallery in any Gig and want to replace them all, it does not work. If I delete them all and then load three new ones and click Save, it appears to save. What it really does is –delete- all my new images and re-load the last old one to be deleted as the primary.

The Gig description shows spaces after the end of paragraphs that disappear when the Gig is viewed later. It appears that the paragraph CSS formatting on the site has no line spacing before/after them on the Gig display. It’s difficult to tell if the eventual Gig will actually have spaces between paragraphs.

If I refine the Gig description, save, and then add an image, and save again, it deletes the changes to the Gig description.

One of my Gigs shows the banner only when logged in. The banner does not show if I view it logged out.

The banner space is not the size it says. The file must be 1100 x 260, but what actually displays is 986 x 180, which would not be such a problem except it’s not the same proportions either. It’s missing about 33 pixels (I think) along the bottom where a piece of the page covers it up.

When a Gig is edited, it opens in a new tab. It should open in the same tab, or be a screen dedicated only to editing a Gig. It should not open copies of the site in a new tab.

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