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Stop selling yourself short


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I just want to write about this subject to help all you guys out there who are giving in to buyer demands that are just not worth it.

One thing I have noticed after being on Fiverr for 3 years now, is sellers giving away work that should be worth quite alot, for just $5. Such as fully copyright free logo’s designed by themselves, articles with 1000+ words on a special topic, I’m all for giving 110% and being exactly what the customer wants. But business logo’s outside of the internet can go for hundreds if not thousands, not only are the buyers paying for the logo, banner or article itself, they are paying for how much time and effort you put into it, they are paying for the right to use these things forever and in any way they please. They are paying for quality. If you put effort into producing a quality delivery piece for your customer, should you really be getting 4 dollars for what took you several hours to do?

This is not a rant by the way, it’s just something I have learned along the way. The perfect example of this falls under things like Buyer Requests, where people will expect something like 5 new and fresh articles for $5 every week. I just want new sellers out there to know that people will buy your gig for a reasonable price and that people do look for quality over quantity. Bending your own personal rules for one person will make you want to bend your rules for others too, all in order to get a review onto your gig. Its just not worth it.

Take pride in your work, the time and effort you put into your brand/business (that is really what you are becoming on Fiverr) is something you should have paid back to you in either equal amount or a profit.

Stay positive, stay on track, don’t cheat the system and things will fall into place and go your way. Then when that happens you will look back and be glad that your now doing what you love, your getting something in return for it and you are not running the risk of burning out.

I wonder if anyone on these forums agrees with my point of view

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