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My 3 months with fiverr!


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hi all,

i joined fiverr.com 3 month ago, i just found by misteke fiverr. that time i am trying to find some script for my web store. somehow i can’t compete paypal needs. but i found something extra on fiverr.com, yep some task what i can do for anyone. after some days i made my 1st gig, after then i made more gig’s… but after 2 month i not received any order from my gigs. then i reviewed my gigs.

i repaired my gigs, and finally i got 1st order in Feb 2016 1st week. after this 18 days i did lots of work, and right now i have completed 10 orders and i am on next level. i tried i learned with lot of work, search. i give to fiverr one month for understand how is it work and what i have to give my buyer. and after this all my work and dedication i finally got 15 orders within 15 days. i completed my all work before given time to my buyer.

and right now i am on level one, i hope i am going to touch level to within few days. what i learn within this 90 days ?

why i am telling you this all thing’s ? just trust… yourself and believe yourself. you just need to trust your knowledge and work. work what you told in gig’s. work with honestly, work with passion, but don’t work extra. find your value, and make sure you’re getting what you deserve.

it’s all, i am open for responsed, i am here.

Sorry, for week language and mistakes.

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Thank you for motivational post,
in my story i joined fiverr around 8 months ago, although i don’t remember exactly why or how i did find about fiverr but some how i found it after tha i’m very successfull on fiverr as compared to other freelancer website, now i always think why i joined late but than i think its better to be late than never

Thank You fiverr

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