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I have earned Level 2


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Hello all,

I had reached Level 2 after 2 months and 10 days with 100% positive ratings. I want to share my overall experience with my fellows.

When I got my first order on Fiverr I was too much happy and delivered work before time and earned 1 piece of 5 star rating. It was really an amazing feeling. After this first order, Orders kept on coming and after 1 week I reached my first milestone Level 1.

As a Level 1 seller, I got 1 order on average everyday. December was slow due to Christmas. Everything was going well but just after 5 days of reaching Level 2, I have earned 1 Negative feedback and my rating fell down to 96% from 99%.
This was due to some problem in my internet connection (I had told my buyer about it) and I couldn’t deliver modified work. (this was 12 round of revision). He disappointed and left a negative review.

I am surprised, he ordered one more gig after this experience. I just used my button of cancel to refuse his new work.(However once he declined so I reported to Fiverr CS, and CS has cancelled) I think I had delivered him more than expectations compromising my price. Even after this he is unsatisfied then he will never be satisfied. I don’t know why he ordered again. I know I have lost one of my customer, but its better to lost a customer than to earn negative feedback.

I hope I will earned again my earlier status (100% rating). For this I have to work hard and earn more positive reviews. I have learned one thing, Never…never work for such buyer who left a negative review and ordered you a gig again. No guarantee he will left a new bad feedback regardless quality and best work you have delivered.

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Yes, you are right. I never refused his request for revisions. Even after completion of work I had been giving full support. I am upset not for revisions as I had already described before start work that I will go for revisions till his satisfaction. I am disappointed due to my internet connection was fail for a day and I told him about it, but he want his work at any cost and I failed to deliver. His desire was spread step by step. He needed source file for all artwork I delivered without extra charges (although I have mentioned extra charges for source file on my gig).

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