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What can i do for more sale

Guest designeralmina

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Congrats on reaching level 1!
I’d suggest you keep working in the buyer request section, building up your number of clients per gig. Sometimes seeing a high rating and 10+ customer reviews is just enough for a potential client to feel you could be a reliable seller.
For getting people to order on their own, model your descriptions a little more like your shopify listing gig, with a very direct statement of what you will be doing for five dollars. For instance, in your data entry gig, you won’t work indefinitely on data entry for one client for five dollars, so set parameters and limits, then create packages or gig extras to broaden those limits for additional payment.
If you have social media accounts post your gig there so people can see it, or make a fiverr business card to leave at public noticeboards (if permitted).
Good luck!

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