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Seller: **********...Order: #FO3654996528 [CLOSED]


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This seller promised in her YouTube gig to get me to 18,200 views or 1500 likes or 35 comments. I expedited the order and she accepted it. With the understanding that they would do this with a team and as organically as possible as to not get my YouTube account suspended.

The seller fell very short of the goal, and rather than reach out to me and trying to reach a solution she submitted the gig as completed and somehow got Fiverr to allow her an extension, without my agreement. Which I would have given if I would have agreed to if I would given the opportunity.

The seller has been border line rude and VERY uncooperative. I would have continued to do business with her as I know things happen. However, business is business and all I wanted was a refund, and then to move on to the next project. I would have even accepted full credit for the new gig I need done, but NEVER AGAIN.

To be fair my firs gig with her was done early and as promised. That is why I ordered a second bigger gig because of my first experience.

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I’ve had similar experiences and I didn’t learn from my first either, I paid for what it seemed ‘organic’ visitors and youtube hits in the past however… after a month and all accounts banned for misusing googles unfair click agreement I’m now banned for life.
I think the problem with these gigs is if it seems too good to be true for $5 then it most likely is… companies spend hundreds to get such results otherwise they’ll be using only fiverr services themselves. Both of you are in the wrong in this situation, you for purchasing likes/views etc which go against any youtube and google policy and the fact that the Seller is promoting organic reach.

My advice is to follow an organic link building strategy, look into how to build audiences and views the proper way, If you need any help i’m more than happy to advise.

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