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Question about creating gig for custom offers


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Ok, Hello y’all this is my situation. I was recently approached by a customer to quote him a price for larger sized glass letters shipped to New Zealand, which I did. Although he decided to buy locally, we have built a good rapport and he wanted to know if I could create a vector for him, which I can. Now, I am not nor claim to be an expert or even professionally trained in this service, however because it is how i create the stencils I use, I am more than capable of doing that which he asked and actually already have. I would really like to make my first sale on fiverr and get a review, Now, I had created a gig for this service just to send him a custom offer, it was denied for reasons unknown. Before trying to do it again, I thought I would seek advice because I am not completely comfortable with offering this as a regular gig because I have no training to speak of, I contacted Customer Service, but they haven’t been much help thus far. Does anyone have any advice for me on how to proceed? Create a gig for this service, then later disable it? Add it as an extra to my existing gig? Something I haven’t even mentioned? I am fortunate this guy has been patiently waiting for this just so he can help me out and give me a sale, very cool. I appreciate that you took time to read this and also welcome any help or advice you’re willing to give. Thanks so much and have a great day!!

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