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Still an adventure and Getting Level-2


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Still an adventure
Fiverr came like a new thing to me, and if at first I was a bit leery regarding this phenomenon, I tested the water with my thumb at first to see what all was about. Soon enough I realized Fiverr to be something extraordinary for people with initiative especially, and I am not kidding, this experience has been wonderful from the first moment.

From when I can remember I loved music, and loved the feeling gave me when listening to the jamz I loved the most and because of this I got involved in the phenomenon with marketing and everything else. And it was great…still, there is something else that counts in my life especially and that was freedom…the freedom to do what I like, when I like and how I like!

Fiverr allow me the opportunity to bind my love for music with the freedom I craved for in an amazing experience. I knew that every start can be a little bit hard, and that is normal with every endeavor one takes, but I wasn’t discouraged because I knew I would succeed eventually by doing the things that brought me most satisfaction.

Two months and a half in the ‘Fiverr business’ and I already managed to acquire level 2, after I had managed to get level 1 some days before. The joy I felt seeing my business blossoming can hardly be expressed in words, and the fact that I was able to create a product/service useful for the world was something of a kind.

Imagine that we are so many people with talent who can’t express themselves because the market is structured in such a manner that only a few people can get there…to the top. Fiverr came up with the perfect solution where people can exploit their talents directly…here is you know it, you can do it, and you don’t need all those fancy papers that not always reflect reality. For me personally, Fiverr has been something of a blessing and it’s an ongoing process of learning and enjoying what I do…and this with zero costs!! Isn’t this wonderful?? I’d say it is!!

Right now, I am enjoying my level 2 status and I work hard and hope to become a top rated seller soon enough, because my hopes go towards growing my business and helping as many people as possible at the same time.

Nothing can compare with the feeling I have early in the morning when I open up my laptop and check my messages to see what’s new and what else I have to do. Fiverr slowly but surely gets under my skin and I can say it becomes a way of life, and I love it.

Confucius, the Chinese philosopher once said that if you do what you like you will never work for a second of your life and I tend to agree with him, and now with Fiverr this goes straight in the whole. I am proud of my accomplishments and I am thankful at the same time to be able to explore my opportunities!! Thank you Fiverr!!

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