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Announcing Video & Animation Category Updates


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The Video & Animation category is getting a makeover. Read on to get the scoop!

In the very near future, we will be introducing a revised subcategory structure that enables a more intuitive browsing experience for new buyers and helps sellers like you grow your business and meet new customers. The new structure will also help prepare the Video & Animation category for the Gig Packages feature, which will become available soon!

Here’s an example of a well-designed triple Gig Package in the upcoming Whiteboard & Explainer Videos subcategory:

If your Gig is among those being migrated, don’t worry. These changes will not impact search results. There’s no action required from you - we’ll move your Gig to the subcategory where it will be seen by the most relevant buyers. Even though some legacy subcategory titles will be retired, no Gigs will be eliminated… every Gig has a home.

Here is an overview of the most important changes to help you think about the new structure:

Whiteboard & Explainer Videos Our most popular type of animation now has its own category! These are “ground-up” animated videos, originating from a script, and typically paired with voice-over. They can come in a variety of visual styles (e.g., Whiteboard, Colorful 2D animation, and even stop motion!).

Spokesperson & Testimonial Videos: This is your new centralized home for all live-action Gigs starring real people! Get a spokesperson to represent your company or find a person to create a video testimonial for your product or service!

Promotional & Brand Videos: This is where buyers can find cool promo videos (live-action or animated) that get attention and raise brand awareness. They are often template-based rather than scripted, but they are still customizable enough to create maximum impact.

Lyric and Music Videos: Got a great song that you want to bring to life and find a whole new audience? You’ll find all your Music Videos, as well as animated lyric videos in this new subcategory.

Animated Characters & Modeling: For all the artistes out there, this subcategory is comprised of the creative and technical work that focuses on “from scratch” animation design, including visualization of creative projects, as well as ultra-detailed animated 3D modeling.

Other subcategories will look more familiar to you, including Intros, Video Greetings, and Video Editing & Postproduction.

Don’t forget: these changes will have no impact on your search results. And if you’re not happy with where you’ve been migrated you can always change it!

Comments or questions? Join the discussion here:

Thank you again and happy selling!

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