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Selecting the best seller for your service needs


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There are quite a number of factors that influence the buyer in the process of choosing the right service provider – One of such is looking at the number of job queues and following the bandwagon. The assumption is that if so many people are buying this service, this seller must be good. This notion is erroneous. In fact, my experience is quite opposite.

I have found that relatively unknown sellers do deliver better jobs than the ones that are hot on job queues. Precisely, my experience was with buying backlinks. I found this seller with more than hundred job queues, so I followed the bandwagon! Within a couple of days, I got my job delivered. When I checked the backlinks, I really wondered why Google did not de-index my site! Horrible article and horrible links from horrible urls!

The second issue is that buyers go for deals that are too good to be true. Like buying 6,000 links for a gig which looks more impressive than 30 backlinks links for $5. Or getting 1,000 words article as opposed to 300 words per gig! The truth is that the sellers of fantastic deals use some sort of automation that deliver fast jobs with degraded value.

After all said and done, I will rather buy a service which is more realist and get the value of one gig than buy a fantastic offer that offer no value at all.

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What kind of logo do you need?

ALWAYS do a reverse image search to check if images are stolen from the internet, via www.tineye.com (best via the browser add-on) or google image search.

If a gig portfolio shows images of completely different styles the chance is big that he produces rubbish.

Do a reverse image search on his profile picture. If it’s a stock photo of another person (often with sellers who pretend being in the USA) stay away from him.

If you need a flat logo perhaps I can help you.

Regards, Al

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