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What is your top tip for success on Fiverr?


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What is the one tip you have for sellers who want to achieve success?

Check out this article with tips from some of our Super Sellers:
favicon.icoThe Payoneer Blog – 8 Feb 16


Fiverr Tips from the Experts for Setting Up a Successful Business

12 Fiverr experts from around the globe share tips for how to get started, grow and maintain your freelance business on Fiverr.


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Treat all your customer like he or she is your patient and you are doctor… As Doctor treat with patient same you treat with your buyer. Give as much as importance to all your buyers as you can. Speak politely , honestly And kindly… Always try to use these two words ’ Please ’ And ’ Thanks ’ in your conversation. And try to understand them what you are exactly offering. And how your service will provide them Quality And Results… Try to follow my these tips (sorry for grammar mistake) Thank You very much… 🙂

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Be very polite and respectful… you can download the fiverr app, this will help you to respond immediately to any questions. following are the things that i do which earn me a lot of sales.

  1. offer freebies and get amazing review. if your customer is really happy you can ask him to share your gig.
  2. join relevant forums and offer your services in your signature. but do not spam with your promotions. contribute in a positive way.

you can check out my detailed post on this topic here

favicon.icoFiverr Forum http://forum.fiverr.com//images/default-apple-touch-icon.png

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So the question “how should I promote my gigs online” has been asked many times and has been answered many times. New sellers usually have a lot of trouble getting their sales up. But sometimes seasoned sellers also need an exposure boost. There are...

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Good communication is the key to getting sales and repeat customers. Take the time to explain yourself well, don’t use draft responses. I wrote an article about communication in the four stages of a sale and how doing this helped me getting started here: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/how-i-completed-50-orders-made-over-500-and-200-4-orders-pending-in-6-weeks/

(If you are aiming for lots of $5 sales then this method will take a lot of time but if you aim higher this is worthwhile - my average sale is $30-80)

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Guest noyon792

Deliver on time & providing support (After Sale Service) for the rest of the life related to that order. So that buyer will come back to you again & again and will refer you to others.

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