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Leaving a seller a tip


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I was just wondering what the protocol with tipping is.

I’ve heard that when an order is completed, a buyer is able to leave a tip, but I’ve never seen much reference to that. In addition, I have seen quite a few gigs specifically created for a person to leave a tip. Are those allowed?

Also, is it allowed to ask a customer for a tip and send them to a gig created for it if there isn’t a tipping button?

Thanks in advance

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There is always an option to tip when a buyer clicks complete. Tip gigs are really sort of fossils as they were mainly used prior to the arrival of the tip function. Technically they are still allowed and you can offer them to buyers. I wouldn’t advise it, especially at lower levels. It takes up a whole gig space that you might need for something else. If you want to, though, it’s totally up to you.

Take note that 20% commission is paid on tips whether going through a gig or the tip function itself. It’s a necessity to avoid abuse of the tip system but you don’t want that to come as a surprise. More on the tip feature here: http://support.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/articles/204903447-The-Tip-Feature

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