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Hey buyer do you understand gig packages?


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I believe most buyers are still confused about gig packages. And therefore Fiverr should concentrate gig packages promotions onto buyers and not to sellers.

Yes. You are both a seller and a buyer and probably find it easier to understand any new features. However there are also those who are solely buyers. Some are new , some are experienced ( I don’t want to say old) , and others are soon signing up.

Gig packages enables sellers to set different price packages based on the amount of work or offers. For sellers it is easy to understand. Because as soon as it is available for your category you can test it out, and create various packages with different prices.

Once the buyers sets their packages and prices. You as a buyer can come and choose the one that best suits your needs. For instance , let’s say you want a logo. One package can be, that ,you get the logo only (either in png , jpeg etc), with only 2 revisions . Another package can be , you get the logo and all the original files (let’s say it was created in Adobe illustrator , you will get the .ai files ) . the third package could be the same as package two, except for, it comes with unlimited revisions and more than one logo to choose from.

All these packages therefore offer different values. And must therefore be priced differently. If you come and find that a seller has activated packages. And has outlined what each package offers, you as a buyer will just choose one of the packages. Place your order. And the seller will know exactly what to deliver to you.

As a seller I can say that:

Currently the amount of words to describe the package offering is quite small. Therefore the package may not be well communicated by the seller to the buyer. Confusion is possible.

I would love to see the package offers in a list format. An example I can give here is that of web hosting companies. List the things on the left and then check a tick for the package that offers it. Another example is free and paid subscriptions for a software package. List everything on the right and then tick based on which package has that particular feature.

The lists must be created by the sellers themselves. This will allow each seller to make their package competitive and edge over others in the same niche/category. Promotes creativity in coming up with gig packages.

What do you think?


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The average buyer is mostly not going to be able to figure them out. I studied a few for 5 minutes and gave up.

I’ve seen a couple of them that were extremely simple in the logo and design categories and the rest were almost impossible to figure out even after studying them for 5 minutes.

I think allowing higher basic prices as a choice sellers can have is one way to help.

Another way would be to still offer packages, but not in this kind of layout. Make them like extras. I mean have the layout the same as extras, easy to read left to right, room for enough description.

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