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Yay! Reached Level 2 in Just 1 Month


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Hi all,
Today is a Special day for me. I joined Fiverr in the Start of the December 2015 and was Promoted to Level in Mid- January 2016 but It Took me another 1 Month to reach level two. A total of about 3 Months.
I Started From Scratch and i am So happy i reached this Milestone. I got about 46 Buyers till writing this Article. And the Month of February so far has been Awesome for me. What about your Stats? How many Days it took you to Reach the Level 2 and How many Buyers you had Till you Reached the Level 2?
Also i Wanted to say a Word. You Just have to Work hard, Find Every Possible way to Make your Gig’s Better and The Most Important Thing. Always Satisfy your Customers.

Thanks you So much for Reading this.I am Waiting for your Replies Eagerly.

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