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Seller to Seller transactions


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I joined Fiverr recently and so far Fiverr community looks so awesome. I saw some threads about how to increase sales and specially about how not to cheat and the rules and regulations here on Fiverr.

I got a message from another seller saying that we can order ourselves gigs in order to increase the rating. As example; He order my gig and then I order his gig. We both rate ourselves well. But in the process it will cost us 1$ per gig.

I would like to know is this allowed on Fiverr?


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I understand! I’ve heard of other sellers being offered review exchanges/fake order swaps. You can report the person to Customer Support if you wish.

One thing you can do is check with friends to see if someone you know might want to try a gig. Get someone who will order and have you really complete the service for them. They can give you an honest review, critique and something to start your portfolio.

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