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Sudden drops in sales?



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I have the same problem. Clicks and impression always get up, now I get only 1 sale every 3 days!!
While I used to have 2-4 sales daily.
I only have some tasks now with my previous clients, thanks god they exist too, otherwise I would go insane.
And I post my stuff on all social networks and forum, it doesn’t help. You see, most people like free stuff and this doesn’t help a lot. People searching for gigs in fiverr know that they have to pay, people outside not and are not willing too.

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Some seller always told you, hang tight, “it’s normal”, blah blah blah.
Some told you share your gig on Social Media, Website, Forum, SEO, blah blah blah.

Well, you know what? Based on my experience on Fiverr more than 5+ years, all these are not work. I ranked my gig on the 1st top 3 result on SEO but it still no sales for a month! I’m even a Top Rated Seller with nearly 1,000 positive reviews! I have six thousand of Twitter followers too, that’s not helping at all.

The only way you get more sales is chosen by Fiverr editorial pick and they ‘like’ your gig and always put your gig on the best high exposure spot on the fiverr search page, that will instantly boost your impression and you will get more sales.

That’s the only way you get more sales!

Believe it or not, that’s my true experience.

After new year 2016, I experienced major drop of sales, now I doubting how can seller (even TRS) rely on fiverr , work in full-time, if they seem do not interest in your gig.

Finger cross, perhaps go praying. LOL

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@nolaan – As I noted in the stickied gig that you criticized, impressions here on Fiverr mean nothing outside of the Fiverr search results. And you cannot control Fiverr impressions in any way. They are a measure of how many people see your cover image in a search result they initiate – and they might not even be looking for your gig. So, to reply upon an uncontrollable search stat to determine your gig’s success is not wise or practical.

Focus on the clicks – which are a result of people seeing your gig image in a Fiverr search/cataglog result, and being interested enough in your service to click through to your gig page. You can design an eye-catching gig cover to catch their attention. Or, better yet, focus on the views – which you can control to a large degree by promoting your gig elsewhere on the internet, and bringing in your own traffic.

Complaining about low impressions on Fiverr is silly, because it shows that you aren’t taking responsibility for your own gig success. Don’t sit back and wait for people to find your gig. Go promote it. Bringing in your own sales traffic. Improve your gig so that people take notice.

Impressions aren’t going to make your gig successful. Good marketing, great gig content, and hard, unending self-promotion will.

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@nolaan I do understand. I just think that you are getting too many things in one “scoop” and stressing about something that is notoriously unreliable on Fiverr. I’m not saying impressions themselves aren’t important to a degree but what is shown on the panel is only a tiny factor.

Some Fiverr glitches may appear to have an effect but really don’t. The impressions bug that did happen affected the display, but not actual people viewing your gig. There are intentional limitations in search and not every gig gets a place anywhere in search, so that isn’t something that is broken. Sales go up and down for everyone. It’s less obvious for Super Sellers who get hundreds of orders but even they experience changes.

Fiverr isn’t always great with communication. I don’t think it’s a cover up as much as just a young company that isn’t always right on top of things. You have to watch your emails, messages, the blog, the forum “News,” and pop-ups and you’ll still miss things. On the other hand, the user that wrote that sticked post you talked about (@jonbaas also posting in this thread) isn’t a Fiverr staff member so he surely isn’t covering anything. He’s just a seller trying to help.

One reason the Fiverr stats display isn’t that critical (in my opinion only) is that I don’t think it’s always accurate. I could be wrong, but I just don’t think it’s a good barometer like some off-Fiverr web analytic tools. Fiverr is constantly working on the platform, hopefully to improve, but sometimes it doesn’t go right. Impressions also get reset regularly so the day-to-day can vary.

I’m not saying that glancing at your stats is useless. When I put up a new gig, I watch to see when my stats start to move. On the other hand, I’ve had gigs that appear low in stats but are getting messages/sales. If I have a gig that isn’t getting me any messages at all for more than 3-4 weeks, I assume something is wrong no matter what the stats show. It might be my description, my marketing, an actual Fiverr problem or it might be my keywords aren’t even Google friendly.

I start playing with things then, pushing my advertising, and buyer request activity. If the gig is a long term non-performer than I usually figure it’s time to shelve that one. Maybe it’s just not a good gig, in a too-high competition area or just not right for me. So far I always seem to do best when I focus on what is really happening with my gigs than when I overthink the stats panel. Maybe someday it will be more useful but it hasn’t proven so yet.

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This happens to me sometimes and leaves me worrying. However, it always seems to pick back up.

I found that during holidays especially Christmas time that my sales practically stop until the New Year.

IDK, i’m going insane by now. Still an up and down roller coaster ride. a month no sale, and next it will be a hit. These ups and downs are crazy. Got huge sales last month, now everything went back to zero order.

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@nolaan If you are as rude to buyers as you are about those who try to post helpful things, it’s no wonder you have trouble selling. Most of the forum posts are written by other sellers who may have more experience but are like any other user.

If you want to ask Fiverr staff about something, write to Customer Support. I don’t know what kind of communication you expect regarding your personal sales issues.

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Dear @fonthaunt this is the very example of what I’m talking about! Why are you pointing fingers at me? Let’s make an analogy. If google was fiverr and the only way to be seen on the internet, would it be also normal for them not to say : “There’s an algo update, expect x, y and z”? Again I’m not focusing on my personal sales (it’s happening to a lot of people), unless someone speak up, there’s always people to make you feel that this is only happening to you.
It’s been 3 months and no communication.

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