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Requesting A New Withdraw Option


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You won’t find it in official Fiverr documentation but you can withdraw your funds via Skrill. First you have to get the Payoneer card from Fiverr, load your finds there for $1 (if you don’t mind waiting a few days for them to actually load) then simply go into your skrill account, click on “cards and bank accounts” and add your Fiverr/Payoneer card as an option for you to load funds from.

There is a 1.8% fee on loading funds from Payoneer to Skrill but in my case I then only have to pay the USD to Euro exchange rate once and my Skrill card doesn’t charge me for withdrawals.

The only problem is that if you don’t use your Payoneer card at least three times a month you will get charged $3. In this case, just make sure to keep some funds in your payoneer account and buy yourself a Mars bar once every couple of weeks by paying over the counter (ie. point of sale) with your Payoneer card.


All that said, this is what works for me personally. It might be different for you depending on your currency etc.

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My problem is Paypal always asks for proof of ID etc when making large withdrawls and my bank accounts are in £££’s which kills me when it comes to the exchange rate. I live mainly in Europe, my Skrill account is in Euros and I avoid a lot of charges this way if I always do the math before making a withdrawal and transfer.

I would love to be able to get paid directly to Skrill like I do with other websites (funds available immediately after a buyer accepts work as complete, withdrawn on and available withing 3-4 hours with only a 1% transaction fee… But I get the feeling that Fiverr quite likes hanging on to funds for as long as humanly possible and doubt anything like that is ever going to happen :).

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