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How to talk to buyers who doesn't read description


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Truth is many buyers do not read gig description. I have been in your case too and my approach has been mutual cancellation and forward a custom offer; some would accept and some wouldn’t, life goes on.

But it all depend on how you do your business, if it pays you to go ahead with the order, fine and if it doesn’t worth it, then cancel!

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Hi Jane !

Let me introduce myself so you know that I am not speaking out of thin air - I am Anshuman a seasoned (6+yrs of exp) Business Management Pro and currently working with consultants across industries & geographies like IT, Automobiles, Retail etc…

Coming to your question - I did read very good replies from others in the community about Customizing an offer impromptu , Cancelling the Order… etc…

No body likes Bad Reviews and an angry customer - while since, you are running a business, you do not want to waste - Time = Money of either party. So, you need to balance between the both.

If majority of your customers point out that you have a False Advertising - it simply points to one Major Action Item - FIX YOUR AD !!

Now dont get me wrong - You are definitely an Accomplished Seller with over 900 satisfied customers with dazzling reviews - but The online Marketplace does work a bit differently than a proper Brick n Mortar Business.

So, use Keywords, Use Bullets, Use Highlights, Use Bold Letters, Use Capitalization - Now this is the limit of Fiverr’s Palette as of now.

Dont give unnecessary information Overload of what your capabilities are - Instead Address Customer’s Problem Statements (Generic ones) which Are Right on Target for your Offering !!

That should reduce the number of complaints regarding your Service Ads.

As for customizing a package - On a long term perspective - A business man/woman, would lose more of her time and effort and the ROI on that spent resource would not even compare to if you have a standard package with excellent ads and keyword targeting.

You would ask, then Cancellation is an option - Right ? Here, again I would say - No- because, you never know what Huge potential Customer you are denying your service to and losing him to your competition.

So, dont cancel, not unless the requirement is drastically wayward from your offerings… Just Fix your Ad and Offering Highlights !

Would love to hear your views on it !!

Have a great day !

Am sorry for the late response. I found your contribution very insightful. You have really nailed all the points and I will like to speak with you privately for a business consultation.

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