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This is to warn people out there from dealing with ********. He promised to prepare a Sketch for manufacturing a speaker. The order was supposed to consist of a sketch,3D CAD for manufacturing along with 3D parts on inside. I
received a horrible sketch that looked like it was drawn by a 15 year old kid and asked for a refund. He said he would process a refund and never processed the refund as promised. He delayed this fromJanuary 28th until February 14th. Upon pressing him for refund on February 14th he accused me of threatening
him. Below I attached copies of his promise to refund of which he did not. Until he refunds as he promised I find this man as dishonest. He also does not do
this work himself. You can see this from copy of mail attached below. There are language barriers here as the sketches received were completely different from
what was asked and agreed upon which was why I did not want to deal with him and asked for a refund right up front.

Images containing the seller name must be removed.

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