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Withdrawls questions


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Hi everybody… I’ve been looking in the forum about withdrawals but I’m still pretty confuse about something and I would like you to help me.

The time came for me to withdraw my revenues and I’m wondering, as you all probably did, what is the economical way to do it. by the way, I’m in Italy.

I’ve just made the bank account proceedure and it comes up that the fees are 3$ per transfer + 2% of the amount because of conversion. But… after paying this 2%, should I also consider the usd/eur conversion or not?

I mean, let’s say I’m withdrawing 100$:
bank transfer 100 - 3 ----->97
97 - 2% -----> (almost) 95

will I withdraw 95 euro or dollars?

if dollar, should I consider to apply the conversion eur/usd to know how many euro will I withdraw? in this case almost 84 euro which would mean that I’ve lost 18$ in the transaction! which is sooooooooo huge! it’s almost another 20% fiverr fees…

and with paypal? I’ve read that they take 1$ for conversions…is that all? but again, should I convert them in eur?

please let me know as I’m waiting to withdraw about 500$ and I think I’m already paying enough in fees and taxes… 😃


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