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People say Social Media can help you sell more Gig which I find it as a lie


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I want to share this up. Maybe before, year 2013 or 2012. That method still works but honestly, for the Late registry of Fiverr like me. I don’t think sharing it on different social media’s increase Gig Buyers.

I think it’s just a waste of time.

I have done this methods for a week by sharing my Fiverr links and GIgs on the entire popular social media website but EVEN SINGLE OF MY BUYERS DOES NOT CAME FROM MENTIONED POPURAL SOCIAL MEDIA SITE.

I always thought to share this so I could help Fiverr newbie to stop wasting their sweats over nothing. When I see them in different Social Media. It makes them look like a spam trash? .

I advice you to use ‘Buyer Request’ instead. I don’t know from what planet does that idea of sharing it to social media works. A lot are just IDGAF. It just gives frustration. Lmao

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