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1 negative review but don't know why?

Guest sonianaz

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We can’t see your dashboard except in your screen shot, but your public profile shows it very well. It says you have received 2 reviews, not 1. Apparently one of them was negative. You received a positive review on a gig called I will send 20000 Real Human Traffic.

You have a negative review on a gig called I will create perfect wordpress website fully… yada yada. The review itself is not displayed and that may be because you cancelled it or it went late, but apparently the cancellation wasn’t mutual or something else happened because when you hover over that gig, it clearly shows that you had a bad review on it. Even if you delete or hide the gig it won’t matter because the negative review still affects your overall percentage.

You can try to get more sales and bring your rating up but it will take a LOT to get that score high enough to matter.

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Guest kitchiepanget

I think the best way to avoid negative is by treating your seller like a sister or a brother type. I always treat my sellers like a friend. One prime example is how a one buyer chooses my offer. He doesn’t reply for a days. However, He is always online. Therefore, After sending few messages without response. I decided to cancel and instead, I thank him for choosing me among those 6 offered Gig from him.

People have different views when it comes to money talks. More people thinks that 5 USD is cheap while some others thinks it valuable. Therefore, I suggest to cancel an order for a one buyer if you think they would not love your work.

Some sellers also are good on transacting or has a kind heart. I kept looking forward to revision and good thing I never received one. It was nice to be picked by nice buyers who is satisfied with my work without any 1 or 2 revisions.

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