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Reached 150+ Five Star Reviews - Whats your goal?


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Today i reached the first milestone that i have set for myself.

i have crossed the mark of 150 positive 5 Star reviews (out of 172 completed orders) which i wanted to reach within 8 months.
It is a feedback rate of 88%. What is your review percentage?

The next goal i am trying to achieve is 500 positive reviews by end of June.
What are your goals? Your personal Milestones?

I also want to use this post to encourage new sellers to always keep pushing hard to achieve their goals. it is possible.

I had a pretty good start on the platform and things were going really well. Just like everyone else i had experienced
a lot of ups and downs in sales but over the months numbers of sales / revenue is continuously increasing.

So don’t be too worried if you have weeks where you suddenly sell les or nothing! I know this is an horrible feeling the
first time. But you should always have in mind that it will get easier with every new client. Your goal has to be to create
a large repeating customer base that will help you to stay busy even if there isn’t a lot of traffic coming in from fiverr itself.
(of course you should always promote your gigs on social media. but there are enough threads about that already)

Towards the end of 2015 Nov/Dec i was pretty lazy and i did set my account to vacation mode.
Before i did that my video editing gig was ranked pretty high without bigger changes in the ranking.

But after two lazy months my ranking had significantly dropped. This was really disappointing but my own fault.
Now two months later my gig is constantly working its way up in the search rankings and i do get a lot of requests again.
I am finally earning good money again.

I wanted to mention that because as new sellers you will make mistakes, possibly a lot of mistakes (like i did LoL) .
Learn from your mistakes and keep working hard. This will help you to start a comeback 😉

Also use this downtimes to make your gigs shine.
Update gigs, descriptions etc, create videos, graphics, provide more infos.
Research what keywords might work best etc.

So to every new seller out there, keep pushing! 🙂


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More than 55% of people don’t generally seem to review orders in my niche’, I wonder if that is a factor in deciding if a user becomes TRS or not that they look for a certain amount of 5 star reviews. Either way, congratulations. I have no realistic goal really, I suppose it would look nice to see over 1000 glowing reviews instead of my 506!

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