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Buyers want samples before they order a gig

Guest domodee

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I am new on Fiverr and when ever I send reply message after the Buyer Requests Section the buyers ask for previous samples, so please if any one here in this community can provide any solution then it would be very helpful.

Direct them to your gig’s Live Portfolio. The samples presented there should suffice.

Here’s a nice post on the matter:

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Can't Fiverr do something about the scams here? It wastes everybody's time!

Some of the buyers want samples and never continue the conversation when they get what they wanted. Or even they refuse to accept the offer! please do something Fiverr !!

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Whats the point of watermark if he makes a $100 request, he gets one sample that he likes with watermark. He deletes this request and makes new one of $5…saying that he needs something to be copied. That’s easy job and most sellers who needs a good review will take it. There’s a lot of buyers like that and that’s one of reasons sending files in offers should be removed.

Totally agree. Watermark is not helpful because buyer can order a copycat anywhere here on Fiverr. I never provide sample work even if buyer will leave me and find for someone else. If they want sample, they can see my live portfolio. I always try my best to serve my client but i say No to sample before placing order

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