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Report to Fiverr Outside Solicitation


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Today I’ve received a message from a new member: I won’t use his screen name, let’s call him Vendor!
His message said:
can I ask you, if you learned the spells anywhere and if you have some kind of licence?

I responded to his questions, also explaining that I was a certifying body myself, with further education and certifications, only to find out that his goal was to turn me into a buying client, by attempting me that I will be tested 🙂

I will share the email, but also want you to know that you should never fall a trap to someone who try to trick you into being their clients. REMEMBER we are working under fiverr and if fiverr need something you will hear from them and not some outside vendors.

I would not share anyone’s name or screen name, but this is what I was told by this individual that got on my nerves.



First, thank you for your information.

You know, that I am really into these spelling things - and even more. There so many things to learn and so many things, where you could help humans.

The only thing is:
There are many people, who are frauds - they make this beautiful thing to something really bad - I think that’s why there are less and less people “believing” in these things.

What I wanted to do is an official certification office - with some other professors and a few politicians.

We are planning it - and I just wanted to know, if you would be interested in such a certificate, which would clearly tell people, that you are a specials and not just anyone who is selling something to people and doesn’t even know, what he is doing.

(Don’t get me wrong, I bet, you are good, it’s just for the people … you know, there will be someone else, who do the things you (really) do, for like 5$ and he wouldn’t do anything!

We want to save you and your customers - and also we want to make your job better and easier, because you (and others) can be trusted with a official certificate.

Would you be interested?

I already have certifications, plus I am nonprofit offering training and certifications! Thanks for your kind offer. However you can be certified and still not do anything!

The Vendor…
With out certificate we would test you.

we would test you, who do you think you are?



You said, you have Certifications?
How did you make them?
Did not anyone test you??

Did you just go to a building, and then tell them, Hi, give me a certificate and they gave you one?

For sure, if you want to get a certificate, you would be tested and if you pass the test, then you get the certificate.

Do you think, we are not serious?

I mean, it’s like a normal certificate for … let’s say a restaurant.

You would go to the restaurant, you would watch the cooks, maybe you also look under the table, if everything is fine, and then you would make a test for the cooks, with questions like: “What do you have to keep in mind, when you cook with milk” … or whatever!

And that’s something like that, too!

We have many professors, who are building the tests, many other people in this specific branch, we visited many gurus and asked them many questions, I, by myself was in india and nepal in the last year about 20 times …
We also have many psychologists, teachers, professors and so, who know, what they have to do!

So, in total I would say:

We are able to test and certificate someone, in a really serious way.

Let me ask you something, are you part of fiverr? Also if i change my mind, how do I become certified by you, and what are your fees? How do I become certified, do you offer a training? Do you have a website? You did not give me anything to believe you are legit?


The reactions from the people of your Gig are really good - So i think, you can fully understand me 🙂

If you are interested, we could also talk about you as a teacher …

No, I am not part of fiverr-administration.

As I said, at the moment we are in research phase - but in a few weeks we will start - so I wanted to talk to someone, who is in the business 🙂

Just so you know, you go against fiverr policy, and if they find out you will be blocked and will never be able to use fiverr, this is wrong, and you are considered a scammer.

What did I do, what is against fiverr policy?

And that’s it. So if you received the same or similar email, report them and don’t let them scamming you into anything. Luckily I am certified and a certifying body, so they couldn’t scam me, but how many of you could have easily freaked out by this so call I will test you…

If you are here, it’s because fiverr approved you and you have the skills, besides your rating is an evidence of how food and professional you are, and that’s what is important here.

Just felt like sharing and hopefully helped saving someone from falling for this unethical approach.

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