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My Journey to Become a Fiverr Level 2 Seller


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Needless to say, it’s a great feeling to be a Fiverr Level 2 Seller and indeed I’ve been through lots of hurdles & numerous experiences to reach here in these 4 years. The feelings like happiness, aggression, impatience, disappointment, fear, etc were all around me all the time while being with Fiverr and few of them are still there. But managed to get over most of them.
When I started my journey in Fiverr, I was an amateur in Freelancing and didn’t knew much about communicating, managing and dealing with clients online through this amazing platform called Fiverr. I had a few clients outside Fiverr which I dealt personally, but managing them and making them convince to the business and that too with only written conversation was not that easy job as it appeared.

Initially, I approached Buyers to give me works and asked them to order Gig(s) only when they like my work, otherwise not. It didn’t worked for the initial few months and that was the time when I was idle of works with full of disappointments and frustrations. After many free services, trials and requests, I managed to get the trust of some Buyers. And after getting some good stars in my profile, it started working out well. I started getting Gigs directly from Buyers without requesting them to try me, since my skill level was getting reflected from my profile ratings & reviews.

When I got my first positive review for the very first Gig, I was on seventh heaven and that was a small milestone towards success. I strived to continue to provide best works to make the Buyers satisfied and managed to get 5 Stars in most of the Gigs. Even today also, I focus on the quality of work and wait for the review from the Buyer’s side to get their reaction. Don’t strive toward earning more and more via various tricks. There’s no short cut to it. The only key to success is to give your best by considering each and every Buyer important.

The biggest nightmares I encountered was losing my account. My account was hacked and I was not able to access it. Thanks to the Fiverr Support Team who helped me to restore it at the earliest possible time.
You may get good Buyers and bad ones too. Be good with both ones and maintain your professionalism.
Apart from this, you may fall short of works, or may not get Gig orders, but never get disappointed; keep giving your best and trying again and again. As is the saying, Rome was not built in one day.


  1. QUALITY First: Try to maintain a good quality. That will create a reputation and goodwill in a long run and will help you to have a good work portfolio.
  2. CONVERSATION is Important: Be casual, don’t be too serious. Use smileys, never be rude. Talk humbly and calmly, even your Buyer is short-tempered. It will increase the chances for making the Buyers to return to you, whether they like your work or not, but just to try you again for the sake of a good communication.
  3. Maintain PROFESSIONALISM: It will help in your image building, thereby making a good impression on the Buyer for a long term.
  4. Never CHEAT: Be Smart but never be a Cheater. It will affect you in all the ways. Either your profile will get blocked OR your Buyers will get lost.
  5. MANAGE your Works: Never discard your old works. Rather manage them properly and have regular backups. Later you may use them to feature it in your own portfolio website.
  6. Give DISCOUNTS, Take the TRUST: Allow Buyers to have some discounts in case their budget is not allowing to pay much. Trust me, by doing this, you may lost some money, but will gain a long-term work relationship.
  7. Be CREATIVE, Be GENUINE: Always try to be unique. Never copy other’ works. Sell what you’re best in and do it in the best possible way.

Bonus Tip: Keep Smiling & Have Patience. 🙂

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Guest dimana_art


Congrats on getting Level 2 badge.

I am little confused by seeing your profile. You have 700 positive ratings & still you got your level 2 badge so late.

As per Fiverr guidelines it only needs 50 orders & your seems to have 700 orders.

Can you share the reason why it took so long to get level 2 badge even after being one of the successful seller on fiverr.

Thank you 🙂

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