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We just suggest you that. You want given ‘Edit tool’ when Message already posted OR Previous Message Sent by us.

In Many cases…

-> ‘We missed something more add sentence’ ,

-> ‘Spelling Mistakes’,

-> By mistakes we added sentence.

That are cases created bed Impression to our Client that Actually not like.


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To be honest, this is bad idea. Then inbox would be like forum…

What would happen if some buyer screws you over, and you wanted to take a screenshot of what he told you, and meanwhile he/she edited his or her message to something else? Or buyer insults you and you want to report that and then he/she deletes that or changed it to something else?

If I do some spelling mistake or some other mistake, I just send another message and explain what I did wrong. Or if spelling mistake isn’t “major” I don’t do anything. Often when I type fast, I am making mistakes. As far as I know, not a single buyer complained about that.

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