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Payoneer Help? Attaching One or More Fiverr Accounts to One Payoneer Card!


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Hello Fiverr Family,
My Payoneer card will now Expire Soon(When i started as a Freelancer i ordered the Master Card but i failed to earn a Single Cent until i joined Fiverr but it was a long period) and i haven’t paid each year fee as well So i don’t want to Use that Card so i will Order a new one soon but the Real Problem lies here i want to With draw the Earned Revenue from Fiverr to Payoneer to one of my Friends Payoneer Account which he also uses in With drawing His Revenue from his ID. So can we both Use the same Card(we work in Different Computers from different ID’s so there is nothing Illegal in it)? If so then How?

Please give me the Answer so we can With draw the Earned Revenue.

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Guest masudvi

Thanks for your information. I have a question for you. Can you please tell me that how can I remove my present Payoneer account from fiverr and then add a new Payoneer card?
I am waiting for your response.

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