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What exactly does \"Accepting custom orders\" do?


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Hi folks, I’m a long-time Fiverr Voiceover seller, so this question mainly concerns how it it implemented in the voiceover category (Chances are good it works differently in other categories)

Sorry for the long-winded post…

I have had this feature on since it was implemented.

I’m currently considering turning it off, because with the new word-count feature, all my bases are pretty-well covered with the standard ordering process (yeah, who’d of thought I’d ever be saying that?) I have a real hard time envisioning an order that would really need to be “custom” outside the scope of my gig offering. I’ve never had an order that was THAT custom on Fiverr.

It seems that All I ever get with “custom orders” are folks who:

  1. want to know how much it will cost. (um, enter your word count on the gig and it’ll tell ya…)
  2. are looking for discounts, which I don’t do anyway.


So will my turning this feature off, reduce buyers from asking redundant questions and cause them to go to the order page first.
Does it only remove the “Custom Order” gig listed on my Profile homepage where all my gigs are listed?

Will there be any discernible effect if I turn it off?

I’m trying to reduce unnecessary busywork.
I hope that makes sense.
-Dave 🙂

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