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The Theory of Buyer Contentment Ratio


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I started out at Fiverr in quest of buying social media likes. Back then, the only method of payment was Paypal which is not available in my country. I decided to setup a few gigs in view of buying other gigs with the proceeds from my sales – that was how KarisMedia account was created.

Well, as time went by, sales became impressive and I encouraged my wife who is a journalist to setup an account too – which is PenMedia , writing letters, articles, company profiles and the likes. Many at times, I do help my wife with technical writings in the field of technology that I’m involved in; in the process of doing this, I realized there is a sharp disparity in the level of contentment between buyers of my gig in Technology and the people that buy Creative Writing gigs. This brings me to the concept of Contentment Ratio in different gig categories right here on Fiverr.

From my experience, I hardly have issues with buyers except those who are total novice; having a misconception of gig delivery expectations and void of minimal knowledge of technical requirements –like someone who want a landing page with only a domain name and no hosting. The second class is simply unreasonable buyers who want more for less. In all, contentment ratio in my category is approximately 99%.

However, I found that handling the buyers in the literary field requires more technicality as close to 5% usually have issues with the style of writing. This is quite understandable because the standard of spellings and grammar; document addressing and headlining differ in different parts of the world. Some buyers are not aware of that fact that other writing standards exist besides the one they are accustomed to. Another reason might as well be the fact that Art is simply Art! The style of writing that intrigues me as a person might not appeal to someone else. I deem the contentment ratio of the Creative Writing category to be approximately 95%. No matter how good the seller is, about 5% will show some level of discontentment.

In retrospect of the aforementioned categories, I began to think that the contentment ratio of gig buyers will definitely differ between different categories on Fiverr . I guess it will definitely be less in other fields where the gig delivery is not empirical such as lifestyle etc. It is important to have an idea of the contentment ratio of a category so as to have a proactive mindset in dealing with issues as they arise. A seller should realize that such issues must arise naturally in some gig categories and be prepared to react in a way that will not be inimical to the seller gig business. Fiverr customer support may be helpful is getting the median contentment ratio for different categories. The aforementioned figures are solely from my personal experience.

This concept is also great is self-appraisal on gig performance. If the contentment ratio of your gig is less than the category average, you may have to brush up your skill in your field or improve on your customer service. A great customer service will stand up for you where your skill in your gig delivery is lacking.

What category do you offer your gigs and what is your buyer contentment ratio?

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