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Beware of people gambling your trading account! AVOID ************


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I recently entrusted a so-called ‘trader’ to help me build my binary account. Naively I should’ve done my research. This ‘trader’ was just an incompetent scumbag gambler who conned me with tales of his experience with no intention of helping me and lost my investment in 7 short trades. This lowlife liar is called *********. He claimed to have 20 years experience. In what? Being a waste of space I think. Plus there seems to be nowhere on fiverr for the traders to honour their gig and refund your investment like they mostly promise. ********* did not refund my investment and there is no way to investigate the matter further with fiverr??? Surely if buyers are putting their trust in these people there should be some contingency plan in place, otherwise just remove the gigs altogether! If you do decide to invest all I can advise is:

  1. Do your research. Ask them lots of questions and gage their response
  2. If they try and hurry you its usually a red flag warning
  3. Ask for credentials, phone numbers etc The more ID the better
  4. See you can transfer funds via paypal or something where you can open up a case if it all goes wrong. Not sure how this would work but just an idea.
  5. Look out for FAKE REVIEWS. They’re everywhere on fiverr. How they haven’t banned these gigs is beyond me.
    Don’t get caught out like I did. Take your time, do your research. If you’re unsure your first instinct is probably the correct one. Avoid at all costs.

Admin Note to other users: Do not ever transfer money directly to a Fiverr user through their own PayPal or other payment account. It is against the Fiverr Terms of Service and is not recoverable through Fiverr.

Do not attempt to get seller contact/identification details such as real name, phone, etc. It is also against Fiverr Terms of Service for sellers to give out that information.

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Your investment may go up as well as down. Honestly, haven’t you learned by this time that letting others manage your money usually means it’ll go up in a puff of smoke, as there’s plenty of sharks in these waters…

Especially when they are on Fiverr, and not terribly proven. If you gave him the $500 he claims to need to get you $10k and only charged you $5 (was outside communication and transfer of $ involved?), then… uh… why didn’t you listen to your own advice?

I see that you got a late order refund, which means that the $5 is sitting pretty in your Fiverr credit account. If you unwisely sent this seller money outside of Fiverr, I don’t really see how you’re going to get it back.

If you don’t know how to contact Customer Support, there’s the link. And for God’s sake, next time you invest online, don’t jump in so blindly. There’s thousands of people who love people like you.

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Check out the gig details. They’re pretty vague. This guy got a refund for “late delivery” so is either griping because he can’t find Fiverr credit and/or Customer Support (again, the link is here!) or, you know…

Given #4, one suspects PayPal wasn’t even used.

Hate to say it, but this is a classic example of why there’s so many scammers out there. There’s a new mug every day. The old adage always applies: “if it sounds too good to be true…”

Of course, this is just me playing internet detective so I could be completely wrong. Need more details as usual!

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Indeed. Harsh lesson learned. Hence my rant on here lol. Maybe it will help others from getting suckered! I actually purchased the gig to try and protect myself (like how paypal can protect you) but nowhere does Fiverr protect you (like eBay, paypal etc etc) I naively did what I did (hindsight is a great thing) and I’ll hold my hands up to that but my point about all this is why does fiverr allow these gigs to be sold if they are out to con people or (as I’ve just found out - thank you miss crystal) not legal in certain countries? And I wasn’t “griping” about the $5, I don’t care about $5 if someone means well and does a good job. I am well aware investments can be lost and thats my risk but I’m not going to give them an extra $5 when they’ve already ripped me off before the gig has been delivered! I’ve gotta claw back whatever I can! And as for the customer support, yes, I did look through that and please show an email or telephone number because as far as I can see there is none. Or am I just being a mug again emmaki???

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The link you want is in the upper right-hand corner of the Customer Support page. It says “Submit a ticket” and has a form to fill out, but someone does get back with you.

The tricky part is - if you sent them $500 did you do it through the Fiverr order or through an outside payment method? If within Fiverr, it is protected to a degree and they can refund you as a credit, at least.

For that large an amount you can try and get it refunded to your payment source but that will take some doing since you agree on sign-up that refunds come in Fiverr credit. Still, it doesn’t hurt to ask really nicely. If you did pay him somehow through a funding source outside Fiverr, then you are on your own except for the $5 price of the gig. Good luck.

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