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Communication and Gig offer is Glitchy


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Since the mid of January my sales started to drop by about 90% for no reason, especially as marketing is at all time high. As I was a lead program tester before I know when I see a glitch, and while I’m continuously ask Fiverr to look after it to see what the problem can be, they’re telling everything is right and working as it should. The fact is, it’s not. In the last few weeks I continuously experiencing that clients are telling they’ve sent messages to me, but somehow those messages never appeared on my side, only after they resent it. These clients are regular clients, so of course they’ll want to communicate further if they don’t get any response from me within 24 hours. But new clients don’t know this. Furthermore Gig Offers via the Buyer Request section also has a similar problem as in the past I usually had a response rate of about 60-75%, now I have an about 5%.

So it would be good if the Fiverr staff would take seriously what we’re reporting to them instead of sending template responses back (As now I’ve got the third template response; advertise your Gig to get sales). And when the sales drops by about 90-95%, while advertisement is at all time high, when even the clients are telling that communication doesn’t work properly, it would be good if Fiverr would realize the glitch is on their side and start to fix it ASAP.

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