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URGENT! Too many loopholes in the system


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fiverr is, without a question, the best freelance website out there that lets a seller earn money for the creativity. But, the system is way too simple and there are way too many loopholes.

1: Let’s say that someone who’s not from America uses an VPN or a proxy to fake the location just to get more clients. Wouldn’t this lead to bad buyer experience?

Solution: There should be a 5 step verification. Where a user must submit his/her phone number and a proof of identity issued by the government of the country where the seller resides.

2: How do you even know if a seller is really qualified to do the job?

Solution: I am a seasoned web developer. I suggest you guys start taking aptitude exams and grade a user based on that. If a user is selling a web design related gig that’s associated with WordPress, you could ask them a few questions about WordPress core functions and so on. If the user passes, you can show the average score and even a medal for excellent results. If a seller is not able to pass the exam, it should be shown on his/her profile with this message, “The seller wasn’t able to pass the exam”. But everybody gets a second chance. The seller can give the exams again after 30 day and pass.

3: Come on guys. I have been a member for more than two years. Make me a fiverr super seller.

Solution: I know I’ve done a few mistakes but now I know how to tackle problems and provide extremely awesome services at the same time. Even though my health is not stable, I still manage to deliver orders on time. Let’s give me a chance. What do you think?

4: How am I supposed to promote my gig?

Solution: Charge me a small amount every month to promote my gigs on social media networks. Also, you could charge me for advertising my gigs on search results. You can add a small title on top that reads, “Sponsored Gigs”

5: How do you judge if a person is using someone’s profile picture?

Solution: I have seen too many hot girls on fiverr. They all provide very technical services. I don’t know if it is the stereotype that’s forcing these men to do such God forbidden thing or if it’s just the fact that men spend more money online. Whatever may the reason be, indulging in these type of weird tactics is just unethical. You should do something about that. You could use the ID card as a proof.

That’s all for now. I hope you guys take at least one of the 5 points I have mentioned above.

Thanks for your time.
Have a nice day.

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