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Buyer Request system modifications

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The Buyer Request system needs some work.

Buyers are posting the same request multiple times, sometimes word for word. It’s not a bump, it shows up multiple times in the list at the same time. Isn’t there any way to check for this? Maybe people should only be allowed to have one request open at a time.

Buyers are posting requests and leaving them out there. Part of the problem is that it is not made clear when posting one that you must delete it manually, even if you make a purchase. How do I know? I have posted one, and made a purchase. I realized it was still sitting there, so I deleted it. Make it obvious.

Delete requests over a certain age – there are a lot of them out there. Pick a time limit if there isn’t one.

Put the posting date on the requests, so we can find out how old it is.

Someone explained to me that a reason the seller has to pick a Gig is the review system, which is based on adding a review to a seller’s Gig – the review has to be attached to one. That’s a valid reason. It should be added to the information about requests, so people know. I didn’t think about that. I still think it could be improved with some creative thinking, without messing with the reviews. Part of the problem is that Buyers don’t know how to guess what Sellers will offer in each subcategory. Maybe Buyers should be able to add multiple subcategories to their request?

Either add a way to ask for more information from the buyer, or add some sort of flag so they can be flagged as too vague if there’s a problem with ‘junk’ communications. Alternate suggestion: create a way we can send an Offer that’s dependent on the answers a Buyer provides (sort of like the ‘required information’ on a Gig).

Allow Sellers to view what they sent as an Offer, after they send it. I can see the requests I responded to, but not my Offer. I type my Offers into a document and print it before sending, so I have them. Some people probably don’t. Either way, it should display for the Seller too, not just the Buyer.

Extend the word limit on requests a bit. They’re short enough to require either 1) being purposely vague or 2) rewriting multiple times to fit in the word limit (personal experience).

Do something about the requests that are Seller advertisements. I’m not sure what, but something should be on the horizon to limit junk ‘requests’.

Change the sort for the requests so that it shows category and subcategory. As it is, every time something is in a subcategory of ‘other’ it just shows ‘other’. Multiple categories have an ‘other’ subcategory.

Add a ‘no thanks’ button for Buyers, so they can decline offers, and encourage people to use it.

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