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Buyer doesn't write the feedback

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I don’t do this as often as I should but you could contact them with a message in the order page and say:
I am checking in to make sure you are satisfied with the gig, I will be glad to fix any issues.
If it all worked as expected (or better!) it will really help me progress on Fiverr if you left positive feedback on this order.
Thank you and best regards”
…Or something along those lines.
We are reminded of leaving feedback in the /todo page, I seem to remember receiving reminders via email a long time ago, not sure this still goes though.
Good luck!

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I think there should be an automatic default positive review, maybe 10 days after the gig is completed, even if the buyer did not leave any reviews.

an automatic default positive review

What if the buyer is not happy with the work? I personally prefer to not leave a review than to give say a 3 star when I´m not happy with a job done.

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